Zombie Mullet Costume Idea


  • 1 Mullet on the Go Official Mullet (type of your choice, headband required.)
  • Liquid Latex (can be purchased at most Halloween stores)
  • Fake Fast Drying Blood (can be purchased at most Halloween stores)
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 brush
  • Black Makeup Pencil
  • Conditioner
  • Baby Powder
Step 1: Zombify Your Mullet
  • cut a hole about the size of a quarter on the front of the headband will stretch once you put it on so small holes are preferable)
  • mess up the hair by placing it in a plastic bag, shut it, then remove.
  • This will make the hair messy and we will fill the hole with blood later to make it look like a gash
  • For an extra touch, rub some dirt on the headband to add some visual wear
Step 2: Zombify Yourself
  • Start by taking the brush and painting on the liquid latex around your face, leaving circles around your eyes. Allow to dry for 15 minutes.
  • Once, the latex is dried, fill in the see through spots with baby powder.
  • Next, use the makeup pencil to fill in the circles around your eyes with black and make veins around your face.
  • Now, put on the headband and apply blood to the gash in the band, around your mouth, dripping from nostrils, and around your eyes.  
  • Finally, put the conditioner in all of your hair to add a greased, unwashed effect.
Now that you are a Mulleted Zombie...What to do?
You Can…
  • raid a party for beer flavored victims
  • go show your patriotism by dining on The President
  • Go watch some hair metal ballads and then eat the band
Now go rock your mullet, let it blow in that warm breeze, and sip that beer.  Or eat some flesh...whatever your undead heart desires :). Tag us on instagram and twitter with hashtag #mulletcostumeideas for your chance to win.
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