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Mullet on the Go’s Top Seven “Best in Field” Mullets

As the UEFA Euro Cup 2016 matches heat up, so does this list of Mullet on the Go's Top Seven "Best in Field" Mullets.   7.  "Baby Mullet" - Fernando Torres   The "Baby Mullet" is perfect for the baby..  - Read More

The Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts for Cool Dads in 2016

The Dads of 2016 are cooler than ever.  Dads these days are so cool I bet they don't even know it's Father's Day this Sunday, June 19.  Apparently it’s always the third Sunday of June, but a Cool Dad never keeps score. So..  - Read More

Zombie Mullet Costume Idea

How To Make A Zombie Mullet + Zombie Themed Costume   Materials: 1 Mullet on the Go Official Mullet (type of your choice, headband required.) Liquid Latex (can be purchased at most Halloween stores) Fake Fast Drying Blood (can be..  - Read More

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